What About Boobs??? (The White Liberal Kind)


It is difficult to explain the problem with the White Liberal mindset. They are idiots, but so are the folks on the other side of the spectrum. For example, the Liberals believe racism is the main problem facing Blacks in America, even though a Black President has been elected twice. On the Conservative side, those idiots think that a minimum wage is simply an arbitrary dollar amount plucked out of thin air. (Why not make it a $100 an hour???)

Fortunately, I stumbled across a good way to get the point across while re-watching one of my favorite movies, What About Bob?, a 1991 film starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray. If you haven’t seen the film, SPOILER ALERT! Watch it, and then finish reading this.


Dreyfuss plays the role of Dr. Leo Marvin, a priggishly prim psychiatrist who has a patient named Bob (played by Bill Murray) who follows him and his family on vacation. Bob is as crazy as a loon, and as he inserts his way into Leo’s family, the good doctor quickly unwinds into a worse mental mess than Bob.


This is one of the funniest movies ever made. But the characters are so memorable, they also make great object lessons. Leo is the quintessential White American Liberal. He is well educated, smug, smarmy, uptight, obsessed with his outward appearance, and convinced that there is a huge gulf between him and his patients.

The truth is, he is just as nutty as Bob, but he is prevented from seeing that by his hubris. So too, the White American Liberal. They rightfully see the craziness on the other side of the political spectrum, but then go on to presume that they are immune to insanity.

Give them half a chance and these people form into rabid lynch mobs as in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings. They lack the white hoods and gowns, but they are no different than the Klan mobs that once ran amok in this country.

They rant and rave about the political bent of FOX News, while never noticing the decades leftist political bias of the main stream media. Worse, they assume that FOX viewers have been brainwashed, and never consider that they themselves may have been brainwashed by what they watch and read. Because they think they are too smart for that.

Yet, that intelligence seldom seems to come into play. They gagged on an eighteen minute gap in the Nixon tapes, and yet swallow in a very deep throat fashion, the missing emails and destroyed hard drives from the IRS scandal.


They rightfully condemn the lack of all common sense and perspective behind the Earth Is 6,000 Years Old folks, and never notice that their own perspectives are equally dumb, such as in their immigration stance. Here the country is suffering from a lack of jobs at the lower end of the pay scale, and Liberals blithely refuse to shut down the borders. As a sensible country, we may need to legitimize those aliens who have lived here for a long period of time, but why in the world would any intelligent person not want to tighten up the border?

There are many more examples, but the real point here is to provide an image for what is wrong with the mindset of White American Liberal. The biggest difference between Bob and Leo, is that Bob knows he is crazy. Bob can be helped. The White American Liberal? Well . . . a picture is worth a thousand words: